Portugal Retreat - some places still available.

This year the retreat will take place from 22nd October - 29th October 2022 at Loural Eco Village in a highly enchanting environment.

Teachers: Stefan Diderich, Matthea van Staden
Costs for participating the Tai Chi Chuan classes: € 300,00
Morning, afternoon and evening teachings
For ITCCA members only .

Please subscribe for the retreat using the digital subscription form. There are still some places available. Likewise we will have sufficient time to divide the sleeping places in cooperation with the people from Loural Village and if desired you have time to plan with other participants the flight tickets and shared local transport.

Accomodation at Loural Village

Prices include all taxes, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals a day, wifi and use of all facilities

CASA FIGUEIRA - Sun-Room, two persons / € 85,00 per person / or € 120,00 when alone.
CASA FIGUEIRA- Single-Room, one person / € 120,00 per person
CASA FIGUEIRA- Mezza-Room, three persons/ € 75,00 per person / or € 120,00 when alone
CASA LILAS- Om-Room, two persons , 2 single beds/ € 85,00 per person / or € 120,00 when alone.

Tent Bruno - 3 person / 3 single beds/ € 45,00 per person
Yurt Nath - 4 persons / 4 single beds/ € 55,00 per person
Tent Lotus - 2 persons / 2 single beds/€ 65,00 per person
Tent Belle - 2 persons /2 single beds/ € 65,00 per person
Tent Hanna - 2 persons /2 single beds/ € 65,00 per person
Tent Nuno - 2 persons / 2 single beds/ € 65,00 per person
when alone € 85,00

Loural Eco Village - is located South East from Coimbra. An area with a spectacular nature.

Residence costs will be invoiced by the Loural Village organization. Prepayment to Loural will be required and invoiced around 15th of June 2022 after subscription.

Costs for a possible group excursion diner at a restaurant outside of the village are not included in above price.